Photo Credit: Brienne Derosier

Gentle Yoga with Brienne Derosier

A relaxing practice with the founder of Mache sustainable yoga products.

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Gentle Yoga to Clear the Throat & Lungs

Workout type:
Equipment: Yoga mat

Brienne Derosier

Brienne Derosier is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She has always been her most joyful when building something, solving a puzzle or pioneering an idea. Growing up in Arizona and France, she focused her attention and creativity in the arts; painting and dance. Informed by an artistic childhood and an education in architecture, she has a strong penchant and passion for innovative design. She is the founder of Mache, makers of sustainably made yoga products. Brienne lives in Southern Oregon with her partner Chad and dog Ollie. Her self-care routine includes daily green tea, hot baths, and cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs from her garden. She maintains a 20-year yoga practice and teaches yoga and meditation in her community.

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