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Erin Maw – LES MILLS

Meet LES MILLS trainer Erin and try her 30-minute HIIT home workout.

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Erin MawErin Maw

Erin Maw is a global fitness pro who stars in numerous LES MILLS workouts and travels the world training Les Mills instructors. From New Zealand, she is part dancer, part DJ and full-on HIIT demon! A phenomenal fitness leader, she brings epic energy and creativity to every workout. This HIIT superstar shapes the development LES MILLS GRIT workouts and teaches everything from BODYPUMP to BODYJAM and BODYCOMBAT. She is also a Les Mills ambassador for BODYCOMBAT, BODYJAM and LES MILLS GRIT. One of the Rockstar presenters at Les Mills, catch her pumping out motivation on LES MILLS On Demand.

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LES MILLS GRIT x Reebok 30-Minute HIIT Workout

Workout type:
Equipment: none

Erin’s pre-/post-workout nutrition tips:

I’m high-fat, high-protein, low-carb, low-sugar. In the mornings, I’ll have paleo-keto bread with scrambled eggs on top. And, I love avocado. For lunchtime, it’s chicken salad. For dinner, I’ll have a big portion of protein and a mess of salad, and I might have a bit of brown rice or quinoa. Throughout the day, I’ll snack on nuts and 90% cacao. It’s about educating yourself and knowing what feels good for you and your body.

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