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Emily Skye FIT

Meet Emily, the founder of Emily Skye FIT, and try her 15-minute body-burner workout.

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emily skyeEmily Skye

Emily designed and launched her first health and fitness program in 2014, which has now grown into the global Emily Skye FIT program. But before helping millions of people around the world transform their mind and body, she had to transform herself: from skinny and insecure model, to strong, toned and confident role model.

After falling in love with strength training, Emily entered fitness and swimsuit competitions from Australia to the USA. Fast forward to present day – Emily is a mother of two beautiful babies, and a passionate believer that being healthy and strong is about becoming the best possible version of yourself, not just loving what you see in the mirror.

Emily is a qualified personal trainer, with a Certificate IV in Fitness and Master Trainer qualification from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Start your 7-day free trial today at emilyskyefit.com.

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15-Minute Body-Burner Workout with Emily Skye

Workout type:
Equipment: dumbbells 

Emily’s pre/post-workout nutrition tips:

Make sure there’s fuel in the tank
Do you want to push yourself for longer or at a higher intensity for your next workout? Then you need to make sure you’ve eaten enough! Eating a snack before you work out will help you maintain and build your strength. You might be able to do a lower-intensity workout a little bit hungry, but if you want to maximize your time spent on the workout mat then you need to make sure you’ve got enough fuel to go your hardest.

Power up with protein
This is one of the most important parts of any post-workout snack! Protein supports muscle recovery and growth. If you’re having a full meal about an hour or so after your workout, you might not need a snack. If it’s longer than that, you might need a little “top-up” to help with muscle growth.

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