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Shop for Your Health with the U.S. Dietary Guidelines

How the new guidelines should alter your next trip to the grocery store.

By Kellee Katagi

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Every five years, the feds publish a new roundup of nutrition recommendations called the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. The latest edition urges Americans to focus on overall healthy eating patterns rather than eliminating or overemphasizing specific foods or food groups. It advocates kick-starting dietary improvements with small swaps: whole fruit versus juice, whole grains versus refined grains and so on. Here we highlight a few of the suggestions to keep in mind next time you shop.

More veggies for all. Data show that only 15 percent of us are eating adequate amounts. Devise ways to add veggies to every meal and snack you eat, and shop accordingly.

Less protein for men. Most men and teenage boys are exceeding recommended protein levels, and not from healthy sources. Ease up on stocking your fridge with processed meats.

Eggs are OK. The guidelines stopped short of allowing a cholesterol free-for-all but did acknowledge eggs as a healthy source of protein and other nutrients.

Read the guidelines for yourself at health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015. For a government document, they’re surprisingly understandable.

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