Screen Time: Incorporate Positive and Educational Experiences
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Screen Time: Incorporate Positive and Educational Experiences

A curated list of online resources, offering ideas on how to enrich and improve daily screen time.

By Vicki Martinez

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Now’s not the time to develop a screen-time-guilty-conscience. In a COVID-19 world, our “new normal” means almost everything we (and our kids) do is chaperoned by screens. Forget about quantity for the time being. The new goal is to pay attention to quality.

Here are some ideas to get your started. 

Travel the World

Physically traveling may be off limits, but that doesn’t stop us from visiting and learning about new places—some you’ve never dreamed of until now…

National Parks

Find out why environmentalist and historian Wallace Stegner called national parks “the best idea we ever had.”

The Good ‘Ole U-S-of-A

O’ beautiful for spacious skies…


Visit museums of the world with 360 videos, virtual tours, and online exhibits.

The Smithsonian

Yes. It deserves its own section!

Amazing Animals

From live-streaming webcams to the ubiquitous shark footage, these are way better than cat videos.

Explore Nature

It is possible to enjoy the great outdoors whilst stuck in the remote-learning-indoors.

Pen to Paper

With social distancing as the new normal, it’s important for kids to express themselves creatively.

Simply Science

Watch or create. There’s something for everyone.

Of course, after all that fun learning, it’s probably time for some fun moving. Check out Indoor Recess from GoNoodle!

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