Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Laundry Room Organization

Who ever said the laundry room had to be boring?

By Maxwell Ryan and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

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Spruce up the place to get it spick and span. Stop thinking of it as a room for chores, and start thinking of it as another joyful room in your beautiful home. Check out these tips to make your laundry room as neat and charming as can be.


  • Shelf space in your laundry room
  • Large baskets for towel storage
  • Bucket for cleaning supplies
  • Glass jars for clothespins and other supplies
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Fresh sponges and washrags
  • Beautiful recipe box for keeping stain removal tips and solutions


  1. We have everything we need…we just can’t find it. We just need to give everything its own easy-to-reach place. And we really need to do something with all these clothespins.
  2. A couple of baskets and some glass jars later, we have a lovely, organized laundry area. We even hung the clock, so we know exactly how long we spent ironing.
  3. A simple Japanese bucket holds our cleaning supplies, while a glass jar holds the clothespins that used to overrun the area.
  4. Copper baskets keep towels neatly rolled and we can now reach our steamer and lint rollers. Our foolproof stain removal tips live in their own little box, easy to find when covered in pasta sauce.


  • We re-covered our ironing board with pretty new fabric long ago—you should too! We recommend a heavy cotton fabric, like duck.
  • Suspend a clothesline from your shelving for extra drying room.
  • We love the homey touches in our laundry room. The clock and houseplant make it a more pleasant room to be in—not just a workspace!

Tips courtesy of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and Maxwell Ryan

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