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Ask the Dietitian: Should I Be Eating Dairy?

A registered dietitian with Kroger, Molly Hembree explains the deal with dairy.

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I love dairy—cow’s milk and cheese—but there are so many mixed messages on it being good or bad for me. Is it all about moderation?

You had me at “moderation.” Yes, as with many food decisions we make, having a balance of different nutrients and food groups makes all the difference. Dairy products can be included in a healthy diet; however, there is good evidence pointing toward lower-fat (3 grams of fat or less per serving) rather than high-fat versions of dairy-based items like fluid milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurts in the quest for optimal health. Strive for about three servings per day of low-fat dairy or calcium-fortified nondairy alternatives.

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A registered dietitian with Kroger, Molly Hembree provides private nutrition-counseling services, and has been a public speaker, radio talk-show guest, blog author and TV news presenter for Kroger. She enjoys helping customers simplify the confusing world of nutrition labels, dietary intolerances, weight management and plant-based nutrition.

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