Drink This to Beat Depression
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Drink This to Beat Depression

Coffee drinkers, be happy! Your caffeine habit may be boosting your mood.

By Kellee Katagi

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To fight depression, try…drinking coffee?

Yep, a study in Japan, published in the Journal of Epidemiology, found that coffee consumption seemed to ward off depressive symptoms, much better than green tea. The study was done with elderly women, but different studies have yielded similar results with other demographic populations.

For example, research published by Cambridge University Press examined about 2,300 middle-aged Finnish men and found that those who drank the most coffee were the least likely to show signs of depression. Meanwhile, drinking tea or consuming caffeine in non-coffee forms didn’t diminish depression risk, researchers found. More research is needed to determine what gives coffee its mood-boosting powers.

Don’t Forget the Creamer

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