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Chef It Up with Shereen Pavlides

Be a rock star in the kitchen with home-cooked meals from scratch.

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Shereen Pavlides is a chef, recipe developer and creator of the popular Cooking with Shereen account on TikTok, where her banana bread clip was featured in the “Year’s Top 100” video roundup and was a finalist for the “Top Food Recipes” category in 2020. She has garnered millions of fans across social media thanks to her affectionate personality and confidence-building approach to cooking from scratch.

In her debut cookbook, Cooking with Shereen from Scratch: Because You Can! (Page Street, 2021), Shereen brings all her knowledge straight to home cooks everywhere. “Cooking from scratch is empowering, builds confidence and makes people feel happy,” says Pavlides. “I want to help people cook like a chef and feel like a rock star in their own kitchen.”

Shereen lives in New Jersey with her family.

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 Shereen Pavlides’ Grilled Chicken Gyros


Chefie Tips:

1. The freezer is your friend. Freeze leftover soup in clear, plastic, quart-sized (1-L) containers with tight-fitting lids for up to 2 months. Thaw and rewarm when ready to eat.

2. Grilling vegetables and proteins is quick and imparts so much flavor! If it’s the middle of winter and your grill is covered in snow, don’t despair. A cast-iron grill pan is a golden replacement and mimics the char flavor of a gas grill, plus gives you more grilling control. It creates beautiful grill marks, too.

3. For baking success, when using cup measurements, spoon the flour into the measuring cup (never pack) and with a flat surface, like a butter knife, swipe the excess across the top. The best way to measure is to use a food scale.

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