Chef It Up with Gaz Oakley
Photo Credit: Simon Smith and Peter O'Sullivan

Chef It Up with Gaz Oakley

Creating unique and beautiful vegan food.

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Gaz Oakley is a classically trained chef, author and YouTuber originally from Cardiff, Wales. He learned cooking basics at a very young age with his dad, Doug. Cooking as well as sports became his early passions. He played rugby, football, did athletics and swam to a very high standard throughout his school years. Gaz went on to work around the Cardiff restaurant scene working his way up and at some of the best restaurants. He perfected his craft working with some incredible chefs and the best ingredients. His YouTube cooking show has had over 53 million views thanks to the unique and beautiful vegan food he creates. His newest cookbook is Plants Only Kitchen (Quadrille, 2020).

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Gaz Oakley’s Cajun Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin soup

Cooking Tips:

1. Many of my recipes can be made oil-free, just swap the oil out for a little water when cooking.

2. You can use the same weight of chopped mushrooms or cooked lentils in place of a vegan “meat.”

3. Visualize the plate method for a meal: 50% vegetables and/or fruits; 25% grains and starches; and 25% protein.

Plants Only Kitchen

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