Chef It Up with Erin Blevins and Vivica Menegaz

Chef It Up with Erin Blevins and Vivica Menegaz

In their new cookbook, Blevins and Menegaz dig into the science of a healthy carnivore diet.

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Erin Blevins is the founder of shutupEAT, as well as a celebrity chef, fitness professional, nutritionist, competitive athlete and private gym co-owner. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vivica Menegaz is the author of Keto Cooking for Healing and Weight Loss (Page Street, 2021)  co-author of 1,001 Paleo Recipes (Page Street, 2021) and the founder of The Nourished Caveman. She lives in Oak View, California.

Together, Blevins and Menegaz have co-authored a new booked called The Essential Carnivore Diet Cookbook (Page Street, 2021). 

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Erin Blevins’ and Vivica Menegaz’s Smoked Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Health Benefits of Meat:

1. Lamb. An excellent source of protein and vital nutrients, like iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12. 

2. Brisket. Provides many B vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid and B12. 

3. Liver. A true superfood. In 100 grams you will find 53,400 IU of vitamin A. It’s also a rich source of B vitamins plus copper and iron. 

essential carnivore diet

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