Chef It Up with Ashley Hankins
Photo Credit: Enrique Meza and Ashley Hankins

Chef It Up with Ashley Hankins

In her new cookbook, this vegan chef shares how to make mouthwatering, plant-based versions of many favorite comfort foods.

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Ashley Hankins is the author, photographer and recipe developer for her food blog, Eat Figs Not Pigs. Her blog draws attention from a broad audience of people who are interested about how to make vegan food family-friendly and fun. She lives in Fresno, California with her wife and 3 dogs. Her new cookbook is Make It Vegan (Victory Belt, 2021). 

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Ashley Hankins’ Cajun-Style Fettuccine Alfredo with Blackened Chick’n


Fun Facts:

1. Ashley absolutely hates to fly, but loves being in airports and airport lounges. “I obviously love traveling, but just the thought of flying makes me sick,” she says.

2. She once got third-degree sunburn while vacationing in the Philippines. “It was so bad that I had blistering and swelling all over my body for almost two weeks. I learned to never fall asleep while island hopping ever again after that!” she says.  

3.  She runs almost every single day (about 30-35 miles a week), but has no desire to ever run in a race or marathon.

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