Annie Mahle
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Chef It Up with Annie Mahle

Annie translates her time and experience cooking in small places to her latest cookbook.

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Annie Mahle spent two decades as the chef aboard the Maine windjammer the J. & E. Riggin, from whose tiny galley kitchen she prepared meals for 24 guests three times a day. Mahle’s cooking, recipes and cookbooks have been featured widely, including on the Food Network, in the Boston Globe and in Yankee magazine. Her latest cookbook is The Tiny Kitchen Cookbook (Storey Publishing, 2021). 

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Annie Mahle’s Roasted Red Bell Pepper Halves with Linguiça and Feta

Cooking Tips:

1. Nest everything. When purchasing any dish ware, mixing bowls, or pots and pans, choose those that can be stacked together when they’re not in use.

2. If you have a mono-tool in a small kitchen, it had better be something fabulous that you feel you can’t live without. Rice cookers, microwaves, toasters . . . these appliances all create results that can be achieved in other ways with a tool that takes up less space. Think before you buy: Where will this item be stored? Do you already have another tool that does basically the same thing? How often will you use this item?

3. Before even beginning to write a menu for the week or the next couple of days, pause. Check the pantry and the fridge to find out what you have on hand and what is most perishable and needs to be incorporated into a meal before it dies. Make it a habit to use up what you have before bringing more items into your small kitchen.

Annie Mahle

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