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Chef It Up with Ali Stafford

An avid cook, blogger and cookbook author, Stafford loves to share her love of cooking.

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Alexandra (you can call her Ali) Stafford is best known for her popular food blog, Alexandra’s Kitchen. You may also be familiar with her cookbook Bread Toast Crumbs, cooking tutorials at Alexandra’s Kitchen, or her Instagram feed @AlexandraCooks featuring mostly simple, always seasonal, delicious dishes. She also launched an online cooking class subscription series on Airsubs! 

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Ali Stafford’s Green Gazpacho with Tomato Salsa

Green Gazpacho

Chef Tips:

1. I love bread. I love eating bread. I love making bread. I love teaching people how to bake bread. I wrote a cookbook all about bread and how to use every last crumb to its full potential. Read more about Bread Toast Crumbs, an IACP finalist, here.

2. Cooking seasonally is of utmost importance to me. I subscribe to a farm share, the Roxbury Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture—more on that here), nearly year round. I love the weekly challenge of using a box of vegetables to its fullest potential and helping others do the same. 

3. I love cookbooks. My library contains over 500 books. It continues to grow.

bread toast crumbs

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