Candy Alternatives for Halloween
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Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Non-Candy Halloween treats that will delight your pint-size neighbors

By Lisa A. Beach

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Halloween conjures up images of little goblins and pointy-hat witches roaming the neighborhoods clutching their trick-or-treat bags. While they’ll likely haul in plenty of candy, you might be worried about contributing to all the sweets they’ll be eating and thinking about candy alternatives for Halloween. Plus, with so many food allergies and sensitivities, you never know if something might be off-limits for kids to eat once they get back home.

With this spooktacular celebration lurking just around the corner, consider giving some fun Halloween candy alternatives, including both healthier food options and non-food treats. While you can find many of these items at your local Kroger grocery store, you can also look at dollar stores, party supply stores and online retailers like Oriental Trading Company, which often sell individual packets and “fun-size” non-candy Halloween treats specifically with trick-or-treaters in mind.

Need some ideas for candy alternatives for Halloween? We’ve got you covered!


Healthier Food Options:


simple truth raisins

Simple Truth Organic Seedless Raisins

simple truth almonds

Simple Truth Organic Roasted & Salted Almonds


Simple Truth™ Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar

Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar


banana chips

Simple Truth Organic Banana Chips


Simple Truth Strawberry Bars

Simple Truth Organic Strawberry Fruit and Grain Bars

simple truth juice box

Simple Truth Organic Fruit Punch Flavored Juice Pouches

Also try:

– Bottled water

– Fresh fruit (such as tangerines or clementines)

– Organic fruit snacks or gummies

– Honey sticks

– Sugar-free gum

– Applesauce pouches

– Fruit leather

– Packets of seeds (such as sunflower kernels or pumpkin seeds)

– Packets of seasoned, roasted chickpeas

Non-Food Goodies

– Colorful stickers

– Halloween-themed pencils

– Pumpkin-shaped erasers

– Box of pastel chalk

– Bubbles

– Bookmarks

– Glow sticks (to carry or bend into glow-in-the-dark necklaces or bracelets)

– Hair scrunchies

– Vampire teeth (so kids can say, “Fang you very much!”)

– Mini yo-yos

– Fidget spinners

– Squeezable stress toys (in shapes like pumpkins and skulls)

– Slinky toys

– Finger puppets

– Temporary tattoos

– Toy jewelry (like spider rings, clip-on bat-shaped earrings and slap bracelets)

Stock up on the above alternatives to candy for Halloween and treat your pint-size neighbors to a healthier holiday this spooky season. The kids will enjoy your surprise treats and you’ll endear yourself to other parents concerned about the sugar overload of Halloween candy.

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