No More Watched Pot


boiling beeper

We’ve all done it: Set a pot to boil on the stove and gone off to do other things, forgetting about it as the water bubbles away. With a BoilingBeeper, those days are over. Just drop the gadget in your pot (it floats), and when the water starts to boil, you’ll hear a loud, repetitive beep. Take it out (it turns off when dry) and add food to cook. $19.95, 

Juice at HomeOmega juicer

What to do with all the lovely, ripe fruits and veggies this summer? Try juicing. If you’ve never juiced before, Omega’s 8006 Nutrition System Juicer is a nice beginner option that is easy to assemble, operate and clean. And it’s not just for juice: This workhorse can turn nuts into nut butter, grind coffee and spices, and even make baby food. $299.99,


A Diamond Pan

Swiss Diamond pans live up to their name by featuring a long-lasting, PFOA-free, nonstick coating…with diamond crystals! Did you know that diamonds are an excellent heat conductor? The XD Nonstick Deep Square Grill Pan 11” x 11” is an easy-to-clean option for indoor grilling with a 2.8-inch-deep pan that holds food for up to four. $179.95,


Grate and Slice

grater zoom

TheGraterZoom is a handy gadget that works double-time in your kitchen to grate or slice hard cheeses, garlic, ginger, chocolate and more. Simply press a button and slide off the top, place food in the little chute, click the top back on, and then roll forward on a cutting board to grate, or flip around and roll to slice (just follow the arrows). It’s easy peasy. $14.99,


Beautiful Bamboo

Bambu organic utensils

When you’re working hard to cook a delicious meal, beautiful utensils make prepping and serving a bit more pleasant. Bambu’s Organic Essentials Utensil Set is made of USDA Organic bamboo and includes a mixing spoon, slotted spoon, spatula and sauce spoon. Naturally stain-resistant and antimicrobial, each hand-shaped utensil has a rounded handle for a comfortable grip. $19,