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Tender and Tasty Meat Bars

More than just meat, these bars also contain super fruits, veggies, ancient grains and spices.

By Live Naturally Staff

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Boulder-based Wilde Boldr creates healthy, protein-packed, low-calorie meat bars using an innovative baking process. “Unlike more traditional ways of smoking or dehydrating to preserve meat, our slow-baking process allows us to use premium, lean cuts of grass-fed, free-range meat, combined with superfruits, veggies, ancient grains and spices,” says founder Jason Wright.

An endurance athlete and food industry veteran who was bored with jerky and granola for energy foods, Wright wanted a portable meat bar. With the help of food scientist Derek Spors, and a team at Colorado State University to fine-tune the now USDA-approved baking process, Wilde Boldr launched its first bars in 2015.

With flavors like Turkey Cranberry and Peach BBQ, each bar is gluten-, nut-, dairy- and soy-free, with 10–11 grams of protein and a mere 100 calories. Keep your eyes peeled for new flavors at wildesnacks.com.

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