Em+Pact protein bars
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Protein Bars Just for Women

Em+Pact's core value is to empower women, and they want to be the number-one snack food for them, too.

By Rebecca Heaton

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What started as a health and fitness company targeting new moms has morphed into Em+Pact, a mission-based business of protein bars formulated just for women.

“Our mission is to help women reach their goals and be the best version of themselves,” says chief goal digger Melonie DeRose, who cofounded the company with husband Zeke. [A goal digger is someone who is striving to achieve her goals, says Melonie.]

DeRose explains the name: “The ‘em’ stands for empowering, and ‘pact’ reflects our commitment to have an impact on our community.”

Along with making protein bars with nutrient-dense, high-quality ingredients—minus the sugar and chemicals and with fun names like Chocolate Date Night, Chocolate Cherry Bling and Peanut Butter Party—Em+Pact supports several women-oriented nonprofits, including the Women’s Bean Project, which transitions chronically unemployed women to the job market. DeRose even hires employees from Women’s Bean to help box bars. 

“Our number-one core value is to empower women, and we want to be the number-one snack food for them,” DeRose says. Keep your eyes peeled for yummy new products, including superfood bites and a vegan protein shake. More at empactbars.com.

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