Our Top Picks for the Latest Kitchen Gadgets

Upgrade your kitchenware with these latest gadgets.

By Rebecca Heaton

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DIY Cold Brew

Cold brew is the thing (see “Some Like It Cold” on page 32 to find out why). The Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes it easy to tap into this trend, without shelling out $4 per cup at a coffee shop. Simply place coarse grounds in the stainless-steel filter, slowly pour water into the shock-resistant glass carafe, steep in the fridge or at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours (a nonslip silicone base keeps it in place) and serve straight from the pitcher.
And it’s easy to clean when you’re done. Get it on Amazon for $29.95

Clearly Cool

Leave it to the Swiss to design a beautiful, modern way to store and showcase your best kitchen knives. The Vision Knife Block from Kuhn Rikon is made from clear plastic to keep blades and scissors visible—no more guessing which knife to select. A flexible inlay along the top allows any size and combination of knives and won’t dull blades like wooden knife blocks do. Best of all: It just looks cool. Get it for $40

Feeling Grate

In our book, a food grater is
an essential kitchen tool. The Tower Grater from Chef’n features three handy, removable grating surfaces—fine/zest, coarse and shaved—to tackle any array of cheeses, vegetables, citrus, ginger and more. Keep the grate plates on to catch food and avoid a mess. Or easily remove to grate directly over food while you’re cooking or when serving. A nonslip base keeps the grater steady when in use. Dishwasher-safe, too. Get it for $39.99

Bubbling Over

Americans are drinking nearly 170 million gallons of sparkling water each year. Are you one of them? SodaStream’s new Fizzi One Touch sparkling-water maker gives you fizzy water at the touch of a button, with three levels of automatic carbonation to suit your bubble preference. Simply fill up the bottle with tap water, attach to the machine, press a button and voilà: bubble water. There are even naturally flavored Fruit Drops ($4.99 for 1.36 ounces) for custom flavors. Get it for $129.99

Tote for Your Trunk

Keep your grocery bags from sliding around and spilling in your car trunk with a CleverMade SnapBasket TrunkCaddy. This soft-sided, sturdy organizer holds up to 12 gallons—a large grocery bag, plus more—and has built-in handles, making it easy to carry from the car into the store or house. Velcro strips on the bottom keep it secure in your trunk. There’s also Velcro on the sides to connect multiple carriers. When not in use, just fold down flat. Two-pack for $34.99

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