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Our Favorite Cookbooks This Fall

An array of new cookbooks, full of fresh ideas for fall meals and entertaining.

By Live Naturally Staff

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Snacks for All

Planning a spread for a family gathering or party can be challenging when guests have different dietary lifestyles. In his new book Clean Snacks (Countryman, 2019), Arman Liew, a recipe developer and creator of “The Big Man’s World” blog, offers 50-plus options that are 100 percent paleo, vegan and gluten-free—with a chapter of ketogenic-specific recipes, too. Liew writes that his goal was to create sweet and savory snacks that are “easy, adaptable and full of variety,” like Baked Sweet Potato Zucchini Tots, Flourless Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and New York Keto Cheesecake.

Eat To Thrive

For more than 25 years, chef and nutritionist Mareya Ibrahim has studied, cooked, tested and picked apart every calorie of food she could get her hands on. Her discovery: “We’ve become so obsessed with what not to eat and not to do that we’ve drained the living fork out of food.” In her new cookbook Eat Like You Give a Fork (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2019), Ibrahim shares 80 easy-to-prepare, “forking delicious” recipes to inspire readers to live well, treat their taste buds and thrive. Dishes include Zucchini Noodles with Romesco Sauce, Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai and No-Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Modern Vegetarian

With a focus on celebrating fresh produce, chef and food writer Alice Hart’s latest book, The Way to Eat Now (The Experiment, 2019), includes 200 vegetarian recipes organized in chapters like Mornings, Grazing, Quick, Gatherings, Grains, Raw-ish and Afters (aka yummy desserts!). The book is “packed to the rafters with ideas and a rainbow of colors, so you never need to wonder what to cook for any occasion,” she writes. Recipes include Sweet Potato Cakes with Lime and Avocado, Baked Purple Goat Cheese Gnocchi, and Blood Orange and Olive Oil Cake with Almonds.

Gluten-Free Air Frying

The words gluten-free and fry don’t often appear in the same sentence. So if your diet is gluten-free, but you love the crispness of fried foods (without the grease)—and you have an air fryer—you’ll want a copy of The “I Love My Air Fryer” Gluten-Free Recipe Book (Adams, 2019) by Michelle Fagone of CavegirlCuisine.com. The 175 recipes encompass all manner of eats—from breakfast and breads to apps and sides to entrees and desserts. Unlike many GF menus, the recipes use simple ingredients that are easy to assemble and cook. Options include Pumpkin Cereal, Salmon Cakes with Dill Sauce and Apple Crumble Jars.

Visit livenaturallymagazine.com for recipes from each of these books, including pumpkin cereal, new york keto cheesecake, zucchini noodles with romesco sauce and sweet potato cakes with lime and avocado.

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