kitchen ware
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Kitchen Ware

Gadgets to help you cook through the holidays and beyond. 

By Live Naturally Staff

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Oh-So-Soft Butter

Butter fanatics will appreciate the Trudeau Porcelain Butter Boat, which keeps the spread perpetually soft. The boat comes in three parts: the water reservoir, the boat and the lid. Fill the reservoir to the designated mark with water. Unwrap a stick of butter, place it in the boat and set the boat inside the reservoir. Then set the lid on top, leave the boat on the counter, and rejoice the next time you reach for butter and find it spreadable. How does it work? The porcelain keeps the water cool, and the water keeps the butter just cool enough to stay fresh without hardening. $19.99

Precise Spice

Easily measure spices and seasonings—sugar, too—with the Chef’n MeasureUp Spice Measurer. The unique, top-down design allows you to shake, pour or grind fresh spices directly into the measurer, from a pinch to a quarter-cup. It’s a handy little kitchen tool to get precise measurements for all your baking and cooking recipes. Dishwasher-safe, too. $4.99

Stove-Top Pizza

With a BakerStone Pizza Oven Box, you can make a wood-fired Italian-style pizza in your kitchen or on your outdoor grill. Simply place the box on your gas stove-top or gas grill, and turn up the heat. Then slide your pizza in. With patented technology, interior stones heat up to 600 to 800 degrees, hot enough to cook a pizza in two to four minutes. But it’s not just for pizza. Roast meats, fish and vegetables, too. Two versions available: one compatible with gas stoves and another that sits atop a gas grill. $129.99

Two-in-One Food Prep

Your new best friend in the kitchen for healthy drinks, blended soups and dips could be the Ninja Smart Screen Blender Duo with FreshVac Technology. It features a “smart” base with a menu of preset programs that transforms into two high-performance appliances: FreshVac Total Crushing Pitcher and Single-Serve Cup. The FreshVac Technology features a trademarked “pump” that removes oxygen and locks in vitamins and flavor, so drinks and other blends stay fresh and tasty even hours after you make them. $169.99

Clever Cutting Board

Chopping some veggies but realize your knife is dull? Not a problem with the Farberware Non-Slip 10×14-inch Cutting Board with EdgeKeeper Pop-Up Sharpener. Simply fold up and latch the built-in ceramic sharpener; then pull your knife through heel to tip a few times for a razor-sharp edge. The cutting board is reversible for right- and left-handed users, as well as dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. $12.99

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