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Jerky with Perks

Colorado-based Perky Jerky brings a healthier meat snack using grass-fed, hormone-free beef, as well as all-natural turkey and pork.

By Rebecca Heaton

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It all started on a chairlift in 2009. Perky Jerky founder Brian Levin accidentally spilled a can of Red Bull onto a bag of beef jerky and came up with the idea for caffeinated beef jerky (using guarana, a natural caffeine from Brazilian berries, not Red Bull). Hence the product name.

Fast-forward a bit, and Levin decided to ditch the caffeine idea but still focus on producing a healthy jerky option. “If you’re from Colorado, your product better be healthy!” says Zach Greenberg, an original employee and vice president of growth at Perky Jerky.

Today, the Greenwood Village–based company sells its grass-fed, hormone-free beef jerky, as well as all-natural turkey and pork varieties, across the country, including in King Soopers. “We are proud to promote our product as the best-tasting jerky on earth,” says Greenberg, adding that Perky Jerky’s process is to marinate meats overnight and precision-slice them for a more tender bite than other jerky.

Greenberg is also proud of the causes the company supports: Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome research, both of which are near and dear to the founder’s heart. Perky Jerky comes in an array of fun flavors, including Jammin’ Jamaican, Brewmaster’s Pale Ale, and Truffle & Thyme. They’re also launching a new line, made of wagyu beef. Learn more at

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