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8 Functional Beverage Favorites

Check out these nutrient-enhanced drinks with benefits, from endurance to hydration.

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Try these functional beverages for hydration plus a health boost. From energy elixirs to collagen water to keto-friendly coffee, here are our favorites right now.

Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Elixir

Garden of Life

These cold-pressed energy elixirs are full of fresh, USDA-organic, nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits and nuts from farmers across the U.S., plus ginger root from Peru. Guayasa leaf gives a natural kick of caffeine—the equivalent of just over a cup of coffee—and live probiotic cultures are good for your gut.

Functions: energy, gut health 

Vital Proteins Collagen Water

Vital Proteins Collagen Water

This water, with 10 grams of collagen per bottle, replenishes the body with collagen so you can stay active longer. Made with reverse osmosis filtered water, natural flavors and bovine collagen peptides.

Functions: replenishes collagen

Super Coffee

super coffee

This coffee-based energy drink is keto friendly, with a big caffeine boost and no added sugar. The sweetness comes from monk fruit, which delivers a just-right amount of sweet and prevents blood-sugar spikes.

Functions: energy, focus

teaRiot Plant-Powered Energy Drink

Tea Riot

This all-natural, USDA-organic, non-GMO energy drink is free of synthetic stimulants and added sugar. Made with clean, plant-powered ingredients, including carbonated water, fruit juices and extracts—the caffeine comes from a blend of green and tulsi teas.

Functions: energy, focus, brain function


Zen Water

ZenWTR is the world’s only beverage made from 100 percent recycled, certified oceanbound plastic. In fact, every ZenWTR bottle prevents up to 5 bottles from reaching and polluting the ocean. The ultra-pure water undergoes many steps, including reverse osmosis filtration, UV treatment and vapor distillation to remove any impurities, and is ionized to an alkaline pH of 9.5, which may counteract acidity in the body.

Functions: hydration, may help lower acid levels in the body

Alani Nu

Alani Nu

With the equivalent of caffeine from two cups of coffee, this lightly carbonated drink provides a serious energy boost. There’s also a bevy of added B vitamins, including niacin (vitamin B3), B6 and B12, all of which are important for making sure the body’s cells are functioning properly.

Functions: energy



A new kind of soda minus the spoonfuls of sugar, this bubbly drink contains research-backed ingredients that support your microbiome. There’s chicory root, a source of fiber and inulin; cassava root and kudzu, with starches that act as prebiotics; and slippery elm bark and calendula, with soothing properties for digestion.

Functions: gut health


Life Aid

Each drink in this lightly carbonated product line has a unique supplement blend to support a specific function or lifestyle, and each has its own flavor. There’s Thrive, for a daily supplement boost; Defend, with ingredients to support immunity; Recover, for post-workout; and Focus, to help you stay on task.

Functions: immunity, recovery, focus and more

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