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Tips to Make You a Confident Cook

4 ways to banish your kitchen fears and insecurities.

By Bevin Wallace

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Does the thought of trying a new recipe cause anxiety? Are you concerned about embarrassing yourself or even getting hurt in the kitchen? The truth is, cooking is a skill anyone can learn. Here are tips for getting past your insecurities and learning to enjoy creating nourishing, delicious food—with confidence.

1. Embrace imperfection

 Cooking is not brain surgery. No one is going to starve if you overcook the meat or make a yucky-tasting soup. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and try again. (Every cook has at least one hilarious story about a ruined meal; it’s a right of passage.)

2. Experiment

Think of cooking as a fun, creative process. Give new flavors and spices a try. The more trial and error you have, the better you’ll perfect your craft.

3. Give yourself plenty of time

Cooking can be stressful if you’re rushed, so don’t plan to make an elaborate three-course meal at 6 p.m. on a busy Tuesday night.

4. Read recipes all the way through

Not reading past the ingredients list of a recipe is a rookie mistake that can lead to disaster. Well, not really disaster because this is just cooking, but you’ll avoid pitfalls such as discovering your meat needs to marinate overnight when you’re planning on eating in 15 minutes.

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