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Turn the bounty of summer into delectable dishes with recipes from 3 new cookbooks.

By Rebecca Heaton

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Looking for some new recipe ideas? Here are three great cookbooks with flavorful and healthful dips and dishes for all occasions.

Easy Vegetarian

In her book Simple Green Suppers: A Fresh Strategy for One-Dish Vegetarian Meals (Roost, 2017), cook/writer/farmer Susie Middleton introduces her “one-dish veggie supper strategy” via 125 easy vegetarian meals. The strategy is pairing fresh veggies with one major “player” from your fridge or pantry in each recipe: noodles, grains, beans (and other legumes), leaves, toast, tortillas, eggs or broth. Have a nice head of cauliflower? Mix it with chickpeas in an Indian Curry with Chickpeas, Cauliflower, Spinach, Tomatoes and Coconut Milk. Match carrots with couscous in a Couscous with Colorful Carrots and Citrus Tarragon Butter Sauce. Options abound.

TRYCouscous with Colorful Carrots with Citrus Butter Tarragon Sauce

Extraordinary Vegetables

Chef Joshua McFadden offers 225 flavorful and inventive recipes for veggie main dishes, side dishes and even desserts in Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables (Artisan, 2017). McFadden divides his book into six seasons of recipes to address the ever-changing cycles of vegetables at their peak: spring; early, mid and late summer; fall; and winter. Spring is for delicate greens, asparagus and artichokes. Summer seasons are for almost everything under the sun. Fall is beets, carrots and leafy greens. And winter is cabbage, squash and root vegetables. It’s healthful eating all year long.

TRYBeet Slaw

For Fermentation Fans

Like spice? Enjoy making fermented foods? Fiery Ferments: 70 Stimulating Recipes for Hot Sauces, Spicy Chutneys, Kimchis with Kick, and Other Blazing Fermented Condiments (Storey, 2017) will expand your recipe repertoire. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey have developed tongue-tantalizing fermented formulations of condiments and recipes for drinks and dishes—including desserts—that use them. The book also provides complete instructions on the tools and techniques for mastering fermentation methods. With recipes like Thai Pepper Mint Cilantro Paste, Habanero Carrot Sauce and Thai-Inspired Green Bean Relish, this book will please spice-friendly palates.

TRYThai Pepper Mint Cilantro Paste


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