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Natural Drinks with Bubbles

When you’re craving something sweet and sparkly, try one of these all-natural, high fructose-free options.

By Rebecca Heaton

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soda_dryDry Sparkling Cucumber

Cucumber soda? You might be pleasantly surprised. Crisp, light and refreshing, all of Dry Soda’s exotic flavors are sweetened—just slightly—with pure cane sugar and natural flavors, and are caffeine- and sodium-free.

Fun stuff: Mix with a shot of rum, a few sprigs of mint, a slice of lime and ice for a refreshing cocktail.

Flavors: Cucumber, Rainier Cherry, Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange

Size: 12-ounce can | Calories: 45 | Sugar: 11 g | Sodium: 0 mg | Caffeine: 0 mg

soda_guayakiGuayaki Brand Yerba Mate Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate

Yerba maté (yer-bah mah-tay) is made from naturally caffeinated leaves from South American rain forests. Guayaki (gway-uh-kee) has infused it with a touch of juice (6 percent), a bit of organic cane sugar and sparkling water for a crisp, energizing, USDA Organic–certified concoction.   

Fun stuff: One can contains 80 milligrams of naturally occurring caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee. 

Flavors: Cranberry Pomegranate, Grapefruit Ginger, Classic Gold

Size: 12-ounce can | Calories: 65 | Sugar: 16 g | Sodium: 0 mg | Caffeine: 80 mg

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soda_izzeIzze Sparkling Blackberry

Made from 70 percent fruit juice—a blend of apple, white grape, blackberry and raspberry—and sparkling water, this bubbly beverage is free of preservatives and refined sugars.

Fun stuff: One bottle contains two servings of fruit, according to USDA Dietary Guidelines. 

Flavors: Blackberry, Clementine, Apple, Pomegranate, Grapefruit

Size: 12-ounce bottle | Calories: 130 | Sugar: 29 g | Sodium: 25 mg | Caffeine: 0 mg

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soda_simpleSimple Truth Organic Blood Orange Italian Soda

Produced and packaged in Italy and USDA-certified organic, this soda lives up to its moniker. The blend of sparkling natural mineral water with organic sugar, blood orange juice and black carrot juice makes for a bright, refreshing drink that isn’t overly sweet…and an excellent mixer in spring and summer cocktails.

Fun stuff: The mineral water in this soda comes from a source in the Apennine Mountains of Northern Italy.

Flavors: Blood Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Grapefruit, Coconut Lime

Size: 8-ounce serving (bottle is 24.5 ounces) | Calories: 120 | Sugar: 28 g | Sodium: 35 mg | Caffeine: 0 mg

soda_reedReed’s Extra Ginger Brew

If you like ginger, Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew delivers an invigorating blend of sparkling water, cane sugar, pineapple juice, honey, fresh ginger root, lemon and lime extracts, and spices.

Fun stuff: One bottle contains 26 grams of fresh ginger; good for soothing stomach problems.

Flavors: Extra Ginger Brew, Original, Premium

Size: 12-ounce bottle | Calories: 145 | Sugar: 37 g | Sodium: 5 mg | Caffeine: 0 mg

soda_hansenHansen’s Mandarin Lime Natural Cane Soda

This all-natural soda is a simple blend of carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid (a natural preservative), and extracts of oranges and limes, with no artificial colors, sodium or caffeine. The result is a light, refreshing lime soda with a hint of orange.

Fun stuff: This soda’s flavors come from extracts of Mexican-grown Yucatan mandarin oranges and Colima limes.

Flavors: 20 flavors of cane sugar and diet sodas; visit for details.

Size: 12-ounce can | Calories: 150 | Sugar: 39 g | Sodium: 0 mg | Caffeine: 0 mg

soda_zeviaZevia Cola

Calling all diet-soda drinkers. Free of calories, chemicals and color, Zevia Cola is sweetened with stevia, an all-natural sugar substitute, and a touch of monk fruit, a tropical Asian fruit.

Fun stuff: Zevia recently removed coloring from all of its colas, ginger root beer, ginger ales and cream soda.

Flavors: 15 of ’em! Visit for details.

Size: 12-ounce can | Calories: 0 | Sugar: 0 g |  Sodium: 20 mg | Caffeine: 45 mg

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