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Grain- & Gluten-Free Pasta and Pizza

Cappello's uses almond flour to create delicious grain-free and gluten-free pasta and pizza.

By Live Naturally Staff

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With a joint passion for food and feeding people healthy ingredients, Stacey Marcellus and Benjamin Frohlichstein founded Cappello’s in 2011.

“We both had experiences working on organic farms that invigorated us, and we decided that we wanted to do something meaningful to share with the world. So, we started a gluten-free pasta company,” says Marcellus. “It was a beautiful opportunity to serve a growing population of people that were concerned about what they were putting in their bodies.”

The Denver-based company’s name comes from Marcellus’ mother’s maiden name, tying back to her Italian roots. Marcellus had already been eating gluten-free for health purposes and had noticed a lack of good-tasting, healthy products in stores. “I started working on different recipes and discovered that almond flour served as the best base, and I was able to create products that mimicked wheat-based pastas.”

Capello's Pizza Gluten FreeShe also realized that not only were they developing gluten-free pasta, but that by using almond flour, the pastas were also grain-free. A line of pizzas and cookie dough soon followed. All products—found in the frozen section—are free of wheat, rice, soy, corn and legumes.

“We like to say that almond flour is our hero,” laughs Marcellus. “Not only does it give the best texture and flavor, it is also nutritionally sound with fiber, protein and healthy fats. And we’re obsessed with using simple, healthy ingredients.”

Speaking of healthy ingredients, Marcellus is proud to share that the company is host to an “abundant garden of herbs and vegetables” that are harvested and donated to a local nonprofit. “It’s a nice way to connect with our community,” she says. More at

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