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Colorado Oysters

Yes, there is a breed of oysters unique to Colorado.

By Live Naturally

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Yes, there is a breed of oysters unique to Colorado, and no, we’re not talking about Rocky Mountain oysters


Sometimes a little mystery in life can be a good thing…


The thrill of the proverbial mysterious stranger, the challenge of untangling a Sherlock Holmes story, the uncertainty of embarking on a new business venture, even the momentary tingle of the what’s-behind-door-#2 decision can offer a little unexpected but gratifying, life-affirming excitement every now and again. And at other times, any amount of mystery is a terrible idea. Some things are just too important to leave to chance or fate. Our top three areas of required certainty would have to be brain surgery, rocket science and oysters, not necessarily in that order. And while all three are pretty awesome in their own right, our area of expertise is oysters. Top quality, fresh, delicious oysters.


The Emersum Oyster is the result of months of research in cooperation with the Rappahannock River Oysters and is the new paradigm in boutique oysters. The Emersum Oyster is exclusive to Jax Fish House and is the freshest oyster ‘this side’ of either coast. Rappahanock River Oysters (RRO) has been run by the Croxton family since it’s inception in 1899. Resurrected by cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton in 2002, the young upstarts have turned the Oyster world on it’s, um, ear while redefining the words “sustainability” and “restoration” in their Oyster growing practices. Every Emersum Oyster brings with it the certainty of “merroir”, the certainty that it was grown at 37° 36’ 28 N Latitude & 76° 25’ 48 W Longitude, and the certainty that for every Oyster that’s grown, dozens of wild oysters are seeded in an improved Eco-system.

What does that kind of certainty mean, exactly? It means that we don’t just know where the Emersum Oyster comes from, we know where it lives. It means that we can point to an exact spot on a map where the Emersum was raised and know the quality of the water, the environmental influences and the conditions that will produce this consistently rich and delicious oyster with a size, taste, texture and liquor that you can count on, each and every time.

All about oysters.

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