Spring Kitchen Gadgets
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Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Right Now

New handy-dandy tools to try in your kitchen.

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Looking to upgrade some of your kitchen gadgets? Here are our favorites right now for cleaning, prep, and cooking.

scrubbing glovesAll-Purpose Scrubber

When it’s time to clean, protect your hands and skin with the Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Scrubber Glove. Made of flexible, durable silicone, the multiuse glove features soft bristles on one side for cleaning delicate surfaces like glass and porcelain, with a wavy pattern on the other side for scrubbing dirty dishes, pots and pans. But that’s not all. Use it for cleaning kitchen surfaces, scrubbing produce, even picking up lint and animal hair. It’s eco-friendly too: You’ll use fewer sponges and paper towels with this endlessly washable, reusable cleaning aid. $16, kuhnrikon.com

knivesPrep Help

If you’re a fan of juicing, you know you usually have to cut and prep ingredients to fit everything in the machine. With that in mind, Hurom, maker of award-winning slow juicers, has designed a slick Fruit & Vegetable Knife Set. Made of lightweight German steel, with nicely curved handles for a comfortable grip, the set includes a 7-inch Santoku Knife for cutting hard ingredients like beets and carrots, a 4-inch Citrus Knife for citrus staples, and a 3.5-inch Paring Knife for everything else. Of course, you can use these knives for any cutting needs in the kitchen. $99, hurom.com

cutting boardsBoards Within Reach

Cutting boards are one of the most used items in your kitchen, but where’s the best place to store them? Farberware’s 4-Piece Classic Cutting Board Set makes it easy. The set includes three 9×13-inch dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic cutting boards that sit neatly in a countertop stand—so no need to stash them in cabinets or drawers. When you’re ready to chop, slice or dice, the boards are within reach so you can get to prepping and cooking. $20, amazon.com

mistoNo More Aerosol

The Misto sprayer amps up the eco-friendliness of your kitchen by letting you spray olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and more, without aerosol or chemical propellants. Simply fill the reservoir halfway with your liquid or oil of choice (except for coconut oil, because it can solidify), pump the lid 10 to 15 times to build up pressure, remove the lid, and press the nozzle to release a fine mist. The attractive Misto comes in various sizes and materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, glass and BPA-free plastic. $7–$44; misto.com

air fryerAir-Fried Foods…Fast

From toasting and baking to broiling and air-frying, Black+Decker’s Crisp ’N Bake No Preheat Air Fry Toaster Oven makes cooking easy. This countertop gadget can fit full meals, like a 12-inch pizza or casserole, and up to six slices of bread. French fries cook in minutes with the air fryer setting, which uses high-intensity hot air to bake, brown and crisp—with little to no oil needed. A cool feature is the No Preheat Technology: Turn the temperature knob to your preferred setting, put the food in and cooking starts immediately. $129.99, blackanddecker.com

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