Chocolate with Benefits

Taking supplements has never been so yummy.

By Live Naturally Staff

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In 2010, Andy Goldman, M.D., a Boulder-based head and neck surgeon, began innovating on ways to deliver supplement ingredients in new forms. For years, he had been using functional lollipops in his medical practice to help with pain relief after throat surgeries (like tonsillectomies) to great success.

Over the next few years, he continued to research ways for people to get the benefits of supplements in a more appealing and convenient manner. He found that chocolate was the best delivery mechanism, and, with help from his lifelong friend and entrepreneur Simeon Margolis, created Good Day Chocolate, makers of chocolate-coated supplements.

“Chocolate is a whole food, not a syrup or gelatin-based product, which have become a popular format for supplements today,” explains Goldman. “As a plant-based, non-synthetic product, cacao has components that are helpful and useful to the body. Chocolate also changes how supplements are absorbed, and helps our bodies metabolize sugar more effectively than the more synthetic products.”

Good Day Chocolate offers supplements in cute, convenient flip-top boxes for Sleep, Energy, Calm, Vitamin D, Turmeric and their latest, Probiotic. The brand also partners with Smile Train, a non-profit that provides cleft lip and palate repairs to children in developing countries. More at

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