Tracy Carlinsky

Tracy Carlinsky – Bonded by the Burn

Meet Bonded by the Burn trainer Tracy, and try her full-body home workout.

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Tracy Carlinsky

Tracy Carlinsky

Tracy’s journey into the fitness industry began in 2011, when she discovered The Lagree Fitness Method and Megaformer while living in Los Angeles. Tracy was instantly hooked (and sore!) and became determined to share the workout with her East Coast friends. In 2012, Tracy moved back to NYC to build Brooklyn Bodyburn, a studio that fitness enthusiasts from around the world flocked to. Three studios later, in 2017, Tracy sold Brooklyn Bodyburn to SLT and North Castle Partners. Tracy later joined SLT for three years to lead instructor training. For the past eight years, Tracy has coached with the philosophy that everything starts in the mind before it does the physical body. In 2019, Tracy received a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology to incorporate the mind-body integration into her coaching. In 2020, she and Lucy Sexton co-founded Bonded by the Burn to provide top-notch digital workouts for people exercising at home.

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45-minute full-body class with Tracy Carlinsky

Workout type:
mat, gliders, chair, resistance bands


Bonded by the Burn

This digital platform uses resistance bands to create a full-body workout, implementing unique variations of lunges, squats and light jumps. What makes Bonded by the Burn so special? Expect to plank like you’ve never planked before, through a series of unique core-gliders exercises. Prepare to be seduced by the burning, shaking and tingling sensations, and, more importantly, the rise in your self-confidence following this challenging workout. Co-instructed by Tracy Carlinsky and Lucy Sexton, Bonded by the Burn is the most challenging, results-driven live and on-demand workout platform. This at-home workout membership includes an exclusive library of 100+ classes ranging from 10–70 minutes long, including full-body workouts and shorter specialized workouts with specific focuses.


Tracy’s pre/post-workout nutrition tips:

My go-to pre-workout meal is a banana with nut butter and lots of water, which keeps me fueled and hydrated.

I always opt for a protein-packed meal after a Bonded by the Burn class. One of my favorites is two soft-boiled eggs on a Food for Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain English Muffin, topped with avocado.

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