Healthy Energy Drinks with Benefits

As you sip down that third cup of coffee in the morning, you may find yourself asking, “Is caffeine healthy? How much coffee can I drink?”

Most Americans rely on some sort of caffeine every single day. And why not? Research shows that a modest amount of caffeine can have benefits beyond shaking off the cobwebs in the morning. Caffeine before exercise can help boost performance, and certainly improves focus.  But how much is too much caffeine? And are there healthy alternatives to coffee to get your fix each day?  


Caffeine for an Active Lifestyle

Caffeine, by itself, can be a healthy stimulant and support an active lifestyle. But not a lot of people want to drink three cups of coffee before that morning run. Luckily, there are some smart alternatives for any time of day including healthy energy drinks that keep the spark, but help break that coffee habit.




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Ingredients Count

What you put into your body matters. When reading a label watch for excessive sugar, artificial ingredients, and other fillers that can make an energy drink unhealthy. Functional beverages today offer additional benefits, such as CoQ10 and essential amino acids so you can get your daily dose of caffeine, and then some. Let’s just say, more Bang for your buck.


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