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Cooking at Home Is Cool

A new survey shows that most Americans like to cook at home.

By Live Naturally Staff

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In this day and age, Americans have plenty of choices when it comes to mealtime. Restaurants, fast food and the grocery’s prepared meals all compete for a share of the family food budget. But according to a recent survey, 98 percent of Americans prefer to cook meals at home.

Some key findings from the survey, conducted by ReportLinker, include:

  • More than one-third of Americans (36%) say they cook at home daily.
  • 50% say they cook between three and six days a week.
  • Retirees and those who are at home all day are more likely than full-time employees to cook each day.cs_cooking_graphea

So what are the reasons? Respondents share that cooking at home is less expensive than going out (31% of Americans say the lower cost motivates them) and it also allows more control over healthier options (22% say their desire for healthy fare drives them into the kitchen).cs_cooking_grapheb

According to ReportLinker, for busy families, time presents a significant obstacle to putting a healthy meal on the table. Long work commutes and the demands of family activities make carving time for a home-cooked meal challenging. Still, more than half of Americans say they’re able to find between 31–60 minutes each time to prepare a meal. Of these, 26% say it’s worth the time to be able to serve a healthy meal, and 12% do it because they believe it’s the best way to gather the family together.cs_cooking_graphed

Although cooking is still very common among Americans, Millenials are much more reluctant to turn on the stove. According to the survey:

  • 24% of them admit cooking less than once a week.
  • 32% of Millennials find inspiration on cooking blogs or websites.

Millenials are exploring meal-kit delivery services, though. Fifteen percent have used one of these services in the last year, compared to just 10% of all Americans.cs_cooking_graphef



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